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GLL_logo_123Learning in a Global Context

HEC Global Learning Centre has developed a framework for supporting schools in preparing young people for life in an increasingly globalised world – Learning in a Global Context.

Whilst each school and classroom will have its own unique setting and needs, the aim of this framework is to support schools as they embed global learning across the curriculum and within the whole school ethos. For this reason we have divided the frame into two areas of focus – Teaching and Learning, and Ethos and Engagement.

The framework includes a series of Guidance leaflets, an online audit ‘How global is your school?’, a planning grid, opportunities for training and a new Learning about … series for primary schools which will be launched in the Spring term 2015.

Resources to support teaching of the global dimension

The HEC Global Education Centre and The Schools Library Service have worked together to select resources to support teaching the Global Dimension.

The links below relate to the 8 strands of the global dimension. Each link searches our catalogue for the relevant keyword and will display resources currently in stock and their availability.

Global citizenship

Gaining the knowledge, skills and understanding of concepts and institutions necessary to become informed, active, responsible citizens.

Understanding and respecting differences and relating these to our common humanity
Conflict resolution
Understanding the nature of conflicts, their impact on development and why there is a need for their resolution and the promotion of harmony.
Social justice
Understanding the importance of social justice as an element in both sustainable development and the improved welfare of all people.
Values and perceptions
Developing a critical evaluation of representations of global issues and an appreciation of the effect these have on people’s attitudes and values.
Sustainable development
Understanding the need to maintain and improve the quality of life now without damaging the planet for future generations.
Understanding how people, places, economies and environments are all inextricably interrelated, and that choices and events have repercussions on a global scale.
Human Rights

Knowing about human rights including the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

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