Philosophy for Children Resource Boxes

P4CbooksWhat is P4C?

Philosophy for Children (P4C) is a powerful methodology that is being increasingly adopted by schools to engage young minds in a community of enquiry. It is a process that encourages children and young people to ask big questions, and to engage in critical conversations with no easy answers.

P4C resources for your school

In an exciting new initiative, the Tower Hamlets Schools Library Service has been collaborating with an accredited P4C trainer to compile a collection of theme-based P4C boxes.

These boxes are an excellent resource for instigating and enriching philosophical enquiry in the classroom. They include picture books, storybooks, poetry, artefacts, ready-made activities and adult-level literature to inspire and enthuse teacher practice.

The boxes are compiled by drawing on the knowledge and expertise of our accredited P4C trainer and a wealth of resources from the Tower Hamlets Schools Library Service.

Schools can select a box from any or all of the following themes:

  • Environment
  • Community Cohesion
  • Gender
  • Justice
  • Values
  • Right

We can also develop any tailor-made resource selection that you require

Book your box!

Boxes are:

  1. free to borrow for schools subscribed to the Tower Hamlets Schools Library Service
  2. £100 to borrow for one term for schools not subscribed to Tower Hamlets Schools Library Service
  3. £650 to buy including a two-hour training session with our accredited P4C trainer.

For more information and to book your box:
T: 020 7364 6428

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