Junior Poetry Slam

Junior SLAMbassadors, run by the Schools Library Service and The Poetry Society, has engaged primary school children in Tower Hamlets for the last two years. It is a project that will focus not only the participants’ literacy and oracy, but also crucially on their emotional literacy.

The programme uses the theme of Identity to encourage participants to think about the diversity of the world around them; from the local to the global. It allows them to make links between their motherlands and the east end of London, and explore their place in the world.

What schools have said:

“The SLAM raised the profile of poetry especially the whole school assembly our poet did and then the Year 6’s performing to the school. The children were very excited. We hope to continue this excitement with our own poetry slam during book week.”

“The experience…has been brilliant and totally beyond expectation. Joelle developed a wonderful rapport with the more difficult children and held their attention and enthusiasm brilliantly. They will definitely be talking about this experience for a long time.”

Each school will receive:

  • INSET training for up to 3 staff members
  • 2 days of workshops with a poet
  • Chance to perform at the SLAMbassadors Finale

 Poet mentors: Joelle Taylor, Francesca Beard, Shane Solanki, BREIS, Adisa, and others


  • December : INSET training will provide activities and tips for engaging your class with poetry, preparing for your poet visit and honing your class performance skills.
  • January : Workshops will take place across two days. Each child will have the opportunity to write and perform. At the end of the sessions your class will have chosen a group (or whole-class) piece and a solo piece to perform at the SLAMbassadors showcase.
  • February The SLAMbassadors showcasewill involve all of the schools and poets on the project. The showcase will be a fun and energetic celebration of the successes of all the young people on the project, with prizes for various categories awarded. Schools can invite guests and VIPs, as well as other classes to make it a large and exciting event.

Participation is limited to the first TEN schools to apply. After this, a waiting list will be compiled and a second showcase event organised when the waiting list reaches four schools.


Sign up via your school’s SLA Online portal. Contact the Schools Library Services for more information about this event.

  • Tel : 020 7364 6428
  • email : schoolslibraryservices@towerhamlets.gov.uk
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