Library, information and research skills schemes of work

The importance of information literacy and research skills in education is gaining recognition across schools, colleges and universities, and self-directed learning is becoming an essential skill for students and job-seekers.

The Schools Library Service is working with primary, secondary, FE and HE institutions to provide library and computer-based information skills sessions that support the wider curriculum.

Primary School Information Skills Scheme of Work

The Primary School Information Skills Framework is a document being continualy revised by our librarians. It builds on core library skills to:

  • Improve pupil research skills
  • Enable pupils to evaluate information they find on the internet and in books
  • Improve pupils’ overall reading skills
  • Enable pupils to better select their own reading books
  • Encourage the use of the school library within the teaching of the wider curriculum
  • Provide skills for pupils to take forward to secondary education

Includes modules on evaluating online information, websites and shared content.

Download or view the scheme of work online

Secondary school and Post 16

The use of internet resources (subscription based, free, or public domain) has become an integral part of students’ work. We can provide workshops for both students and teachers.
Aims include:

  • Enable students to evaluate and become discerning consumers of the vast range of information available via the internet
  • Enable students and teachers to identify deliberate misinformation online
  • Improve student and teacher awareness of the range of information sources available
  • Enable students to get the most from the subscription services bought by their school or college
  • Enable students to use these skills across the wider curriculum and to improve coursework research
  • Refresh students’ awareness of library collections (public and educational)
  • Raise awareness of issues of plagiarism and to introduce eCopyright issues

In addition, we have worked with schools to deliver workshops and lectures supporting current anti-radicalisation agendas.

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