Advisory and Support

school1A professionally managed school library will:

  • Boost learning and achievement
  • Encourage reading for pleasure
  • Impress your visitors and school inspectors!

The Schools Library Services offer both a school-based and centralised advisory and support network for all levels of staff, from management through to teachers, librarians and teaching assistants.

We can provide consultancy and advisory services to all schools within London and the surrounding areas. Contact us for more information about how we can help you.

In addition, over a third of Tower Hamlets schools now employ a professional librarian through our service.

We can help you at any stage of your library journey

Starting out : You’ve got an empty space for a brand new library, OR you’re completely overhauling your existing library

  • Design services. How to make the best use of the space, including helping you choose the most suitable library furniture
  • Budgeting and planning. We’ll formulate short, medium and long-term plans that work for your school’s targets and mission
  • Staffing. A library cannot function without dedicated staff. We can provide training for your own team or an instant librarian! For primary and secondary schools we can assist in recruitment, including job descriptions and person specifications
  • Your core books. We’ll choose the best books to get your pupils borrowing
  • IT support. We can help you choose the most suitable library management system
  • Cataloguing and classification. Once you’ve got your books, we can make them shelf-ready and turn a room full of books into a library!

Supporting you : You’ve got a library and you’d like expert help in making the most of this fantastic resource

  • Strategy and planning. We can help you make a library that works for the wider school. We’ll discuss YOUR priorities – promoting reading for pleasure, supporting reluctant readers, engaging the community, teaching information and research skills – the library should be at the heart of the school
  • Staffing. A library cannot function without dedicated staff. We can provide training for your own team, or provide the services of a part-time professional librarian
  • Budget and book buying. A library is a long-term ongoing investment that will return with interest! We can make sure that every penny spent on books is sustainable and meets the needs of your library plan
  • Cataloguing. Just bought 100, 1000 or 10,000 books? We can get them catalogued and shelf-ready in record time!
  • IT support. If you need to change your library management software or just need training and support, we can help you with most major systems (and a lot of minor ones!) including Reading Cloud, Junior Librarian, Eclipse, Heritage, Libresoft, Simple Little Library System and more
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