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The PDC is now closed and being used as a distribution centre for food and medical supplies for the vulnerable. Therefore Schools Library Service is also closed for access to our collection, and we will deliver resources when we have access to the library again and travel restrictions are lifted.

We will continue to log requests for resources during the period of school closures. Please complete a request form if you would like us to identify suitable online resources to support your topic.

To ensure that we can keep you updated, please check that you have provided a correct email address that you regularly check. If you do not recieve an automated reply, check your spam folder and/ or ensure that you entered a valid address on the order form

Thank you.

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Please fill in the request form at the bottom of this page,

  • Please do not email forms as an attachment.
  • Resources ordered for the Summer Term will be on loan to you until 24th July 2020
  • If you are also asking for your old resources to be collected, please have them ready in the designated pick-up point in your school as our driver will not have time to collect crates from classrooms.
  •  Do not put completed forms in crates being returned to the library.
Hints for completing your form
  • We will contact you via email if there are any queries about your request. Please use an email address that you regularly check – we do not share your email with any other organisations.
  • Please be as specific as possible with topics. If a topic has a title that could be misinterpreted, or for topics like ‘Animals including humans’ that have specific requirements, please list which subjects are covered by that topic.
  • Some topics (such as IPC topics) cover many subject areas (history, science, art, etc). If you are only focusing on certain subjects within the topic, please let us know so that we do not send irrelevant books.
  • You can list specific titles, but you do not have to send ISBNs. If you request a title that we do not have we will either purchase it or send a suitable alternative.
  • If you request an item(s) that it is not possible for us to stock then we will let you know in a letter enclosed in your crate or by email.
  • Alternatively, you may download a Request for Resources form (.doc) to bring to the library.

Request form for the summer term

Resources will be delivered within 7 working days of receipt/ the start of the new term.

Have you already sent us a request form for this term?
  • Please indicate whether this request should replace the first form (your topics have changed) OR that this is for additional topics.
  • If we have already compiled and delivered your first request and you no longer require these items, we will need this to be returned to us before more resources can be sent.
  • If we have already compiled and delivered your first request and  and you require additional topics, we will send these provided there is space on your ticket. Alternatively we’ll put the second request on hold and contact you to discuss options.

Your details

Are you completing this form for someone else?
Please use their name.

Full Name(s) of the teacher(s) who this request is for (required)


By completing this field I give permission for the Tower Hamlets Schools Library Services (including HEC Global Learning Centre) to contact me using the email address provided.

Your School or Organisation - include site if a split-site school. (required)

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Is there enough space on your ticket for your new request?

Ensure your resources are packed up and ready for collection in the school office or other designated collection point.

Please enter the number of crates that are ready to be collected.

Please tell us where the crates have been left.

If we call and there is nothing ready for us to collect, delivery of your new resources will be delayed while we schedule another visit.

Your request (required)

Requests are for up to 70 items and are loaned for the whole term.
We will do our best to fulfil all requests, however if you are making a request late in the term or at half-term then popular resources like artefacts may already be on loan.

Please let us know what resources you require/ topics you are teaching.
Are you requesting a topic like 'Animals including humans' or 'Significant people'?
Some topics have lots of different subject areas depending on either year group or teacher preference. Please let us know what you will be teaching.

Topics for first half or whole term

Topics for second half or leave blank if resources listed above are for the whole term

Select the resource types that you require.

Tick at least one box (requred)

Languages required

Ability levels required

I require resources at:

You can borrow up to 70 items at any one time. We will send you as many items as possible on your chosen topics. If you intend to visit the library this term to choose additional resources, please state the maximum number of resources that you want us to select for this request. .


We welcome your feedback. Please let us know about your previous request so that we can improve our service to you.

Overall, how useful did you find your last request for resources?
 Excellent Good Fair Poor n/a

Was the level appropriate?
 Excellent Good Fair Poor n/a

How would you rate the quality of the resources?
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If you answered 'fair' or 'poor' to any of the above questions, please let us know how we can improve our request service for you.

Any other feedback or comments

Once you click 'send', please do not close or refresh your browser until a confirmation message has appeared below.

Tower Hamlets Schools Library Services (including HEC Global Learning Centre) enters into a service level agreement with schools to provide a range of resources and services to staff in those schools. We use information provided by those teachers to contact them about services, projects and events in order to fulfil the terms of the service level agreement.
To request changes to any information provided, please email
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