Literacy & Numeracy Collection

Lit banner1Our literacy and numeracy collection holds dedicated booksets, big books and games.

Guided reading and other booksets:

  • Sets of 6 or 7 books for shared reading (counts as 1 item on your ticket)
  • Banded reading sets for KS1 (see below for levels)
  • KS1 Phonics Bug booksets
  • Fiction and non-fiction booksets for KS2
  • Sets of picturebooks by literacy strand
  • Numeracy sets of big and small books by theme



  • Board games and card games
  • Phonics games
  • Spelling, word blends, synonyms, and other language types
  • Number operation and counting games
  • Basic to upper primary levels
  • Literacy and numeracy games for PCs and Macs (no site licence required)

Big Books:

We have a special collection of Big Books arranged by language type, including:

  • Patterned language
  • Genre
  • Traditional
  • Other cultures
  • Plays
  • Poetry
  • Report/ Recount
  • Discussion/ Persuasion
  • Significant authors
  • Familiar settings

We support the following reading bands at Key Stage 1:

 Guide to NC Level  Book Band  Year Group
 Stage within the programme of study
Reading Recovery Level
 Stepping Stones Pink  R  Secure 1-2
 Stepping Stones Red  R More able 3-5
 1c Yellow  1  Beginning 6-8
 1c/1b Blue  1  Beginning 9-11
 1b/ 1a Green  1  Developing 12-14
 1b/ 1a Orange  1 Developing 15-16
 1a/ 2c Turquoise  1  Secure 17-18
2c/ 2b Purple 1 More able/ Mastering 19-20
2c/ 2b Purple  2 Beginning 19-20
 2b Gold  2  Developing 21-22
 2a White  2  Secure 23-24
 3c Lime  2  More able/ Mastering 25-26

Key stage 2 Guided Reading sets are arranged by Dewey Decimal classification although we stock Ruby to Diamond level books from a variety of reading schemes.

 Guide to NC Level  Book Band (Collins Big Cat)
 Year Group
 Stage within the programme of study
Reading Recovery Level (approx.)
3c Lime/ Copper  3 Beginning 25-26
3c/ 3b Lime/ Copper/ Topaz
 3 Developing 25-26
3b Copper/ Topaz  3  Secure 25-26
3b/ 3a Copper/ Topaz/ Ruby 3/4  More able/ Mastering (3) Beginning (4) 25-26
 3a Ruby/ Emerald 4  Developing 27-28
4c Sapphire  4 Secure 29-30
4c/ 4b Sapphire/ Diamond 4/5  More able/ Mastering (4) Beginning (5) 29-30
4b Diamond 5  Developing
4b/ 4a Diamond  5 Secure
4a Diamond 5/6  More able/ Mastering (5) Beginning (6)
4a/ 5c Diamond 6  Developing
Within L5 Diamond  6  Secure
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