LGBT History Month


LGBT History Month 2018

In 2018 LGBT History Month will mark the 30th anniversary of the passing of Section 28, which prohibited local authorities from disseminating materials that ‘promoted homosexuality’ in schools . It will also mark 40 years since the shooting of Harvey Milk, the USA’s first out-gay elected councillor. Visit the LGBT history month site at

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Why are schools important and why is LGBT History Month important for schools?

February is the national LGBT History Month

Schools have a crucial role in educating for equality. They have a responsibility to every pupil to ensure a safe and secure learning environment in which they can thrive. They have a responsibility to all pupils to prepare them for adult life in the real world.

A key part of doing this is to ensure that the culture of our schools is inclusive and welcoming. Countering the prevalent assumption that everyone represented in the curriculum (including the hidden curriculum) is heterosexual becomes essential

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