Junior Poetry Slam 2020

With twelve schools taking part this year, we held two Junior Poetry Slams on Thursday 6th February at Rich Mix in Bethnal Green.

Many thanks to Amal Fund of the Said Foundation and Samuel Butler Educational Foundation for making the whole event possible!

So this year we have two sets of winners!

Morning slam

Best team                                    Hermitage

Best line        St Pauls Group poem: I am the size of an ant but have dreams as big as an elephant

Best Poem                                  St Elizabeth (Kuro)

Best Solo Performance            St Saviours (Ibrahim)

Best image created                   Thomas Buxton team: a wonderful range of different family images

Most Noise                                  Olga

Outstanding effort                    Olga (Fatou)


Afternoon Slam

Best team                                           William Davis

Best line        Arnhem wharf (Zayaan)  “We don’t have a mascot but what represents us is love”

Best Poem                                         Woolmore (Ibrahim)

Best Solo Performance                   Osmani (Summeet)

Best image created            Lansbury Lawrence Group: “I am a leafless tree, swaying in the wind”

Most Noise                                         William Davis

Outstanding effort                           Cayley – the youngest class (year 4)

Sign up now to take part next year!  Working in partnership with the Amal Fund, whose aim is to increase visibility of Muslim creativity in the community, we are seeking out and training Poet Coaches from the Muslim community to work with primary schools and give children in our schools role models they can identify with, as well as work with established artists such as Kat Francois and Steve TAsane.  Our new coaches this year are Amina Jama,  Rakeya Fetuga, Abdullahi Muhammed, Muneera Williams and Shagufta Kiqbal.

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