Junior Poetry Slam 2019

Our amazing Junior SLAMbassadors poetry slam is due to take place in the early part of Spring Term 2019 and I am delighted to announce that with funding from the Amal Fund of the Said Foundation, we are able to reduce the cost of participation to £250!

This is one of the very few Slams that focus on primary school children to write and perform their own poetry.  The project develops emotional literacy, speaking and listening as well as writing skills and performing skills.

One previous participant commented:

“For children, the process of being guided through the process of composing a poem; from word choices and vocabulary to performance, has left them with skills and confidence that they can take on into other aspects of their lives and learning.”

The Amal Fund aims are to increase understanding of Britain’s Muslim communities among people of other faiths and none and to foster a stronger sense of belonging in the UK among its Muslim communities. To further these aims we will use Muslim poet coaches as role models to work with your classes to deliver the slam.

Using the theme of Identity, pupils are encouraged to think about the world around them; from the local to the global, about who they are and their relationship with others.  At the showcase, pupils – both individually and in groups – get a chance to perform their poetry, with prizes for a variety of categories – best line, best visual image, best performance etc.

Each school will receive:

  • INSET in early January for staff who are to be involved, which will provide activities and tips for engaging your class with poetry, preparing for your poet visit.
  • Two days with your poet coach, exploring the Junior SLAMbassadors theme of Identity and encouraging your pupils to begin writing their own poetry. Each child in your chosen class will have the opportunity to write and perform. At the end of the sessions your class will have chosen a group (or whole-class) piece and a solo piece to perform
  • Chance to perform at the SLAMbassadors Showcase at 11am to 12.30pm on Thursday 7th February 2019 (venue to be confirmed)

To participate, please “order” the Poetry Slam listed under our ad-hoc services on SLAonline.  You can also order extra poetry workshops here if you wish.

For more information, contact gillian.harris@towerhamlets.gov.uk

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