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HEC Global Learning Centre, as a Development Education Centre, promotes the values, aims and principles of global learning through all areas of education.

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  • To provide opportunities for schools to raise standards through curriculum enrichment and giving young people a voice.
  • To promote a global perspective and understanding of sustainable development in the context of an interdependent system of lands and people.
  • To engender an appreciation and celebration of the richness of cultural diversity in our, and other communities.
  • To maintain and develop the resources to support curriculum development and provide in-service training and advice to teachers.
  • To raise awareness among young people of the causes of injustice and inequality in a local, national and international context and to instil an understanding and empathy for oppressed peoples.

HEC in Tower Hamlets

As part of the Tower Hamlets Schools Library Service, HEC Global Learning Centre works with pupils and offers training and advice to teachers, to bring global perspectives and critical thinking into the classroom.

Global Learning in schools is an approach which leads to greater understanding of global inequalities, why they exist, and what can be done about them.  Global Learning aims to give pupils:

  • A global perspective by using active learning methods, based on enquiry into issues and ideas
  • The knowledge, skills and attitudes which promote justice and equality in a multicultural society and interdependent world

Underlying global learning are eight key concepts:

key concepts

Developing the global dimension in the school curriculum DfES March 2005

As highlighted by a recent Think Global publication, in order to fully engage in the world, pupils ‘must have the capabilities to think deeply for themselves, rather than simply being encouraged into the ‘right’ behaviours. Fostering critical and creative thinking allows people to develop the knowledge, understanding and skills to lead and sustain change in our society and to respond effectively to new challenges.’

Learning in a Global Context

HEC Global Learning Centre has developed a framework for supporting schools in preparing young people for life in an increasingly globalised world – Learning in a Global Context.

Whilst each school and classroom will have its own unique setting and needs, the aim of this framework is to support schools as they embed global learning across the curriculum and within the whole school ethos. For this reason we have divided the frame into two areas of focus – Teaching and Learning, and Ethos and Engagement.

The framework includes a series of Guidance leaflets, an online audit ‘How global is your school?’ a planning grid, opportunities for training and a new Learning about … series for primary schools which will be launched in the Spring term.

Additional Learning Resources:

  • Story Tents (on Play, Environment, Journeys Home and Bengal) and Bengal Boxes
  • Learning About… leaflets : providing information on everyday (curriculum linked) topics in the classroom such as Food, Water, Travel, Clothes and Energy with a global dimension.
  • Global dimension books and resources to borrow
  • Our publications include Bangladeshi Children in our schools; Storyworlds; We live in the East End; the big book Play on the Line and the board game Locococo
  • Our websites:


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