Canary Wharf Group sponsorship

We are absolutely delighted to announce that Canary Wharf Group are offering to sponsor two schools to subscribe to the Schools Library Service for the rest of 2019/20.

CWG are very aware of the current financial climate in education and realise that it is largely budgetary constraints that have caused several schools to cancel their SLS subscription this year, and so have generously decided to help.

Schools are invited to submit an application to have their subscription funded in this way.

A shortlist of applicants will be invited to do a short presentation of their case (three minutes) to a Canary Wharf Group Board at a date to be confirmed.

Closing date for applications 19th July 2019

You may download an application form to email to OR complete the online form below.



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Application statement (max. 500 words)
Why do you require a subsidy for your schools library service subscription and what benefits will this bring?

Once you click 'send', please do not close or refresh your browser until a confirmation message has appeared at the bottom of this form.

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