Creative Writing Competition 2018

grant_png_blackAbout the competition:

The Tower Hamlets Creative Writing Competition is an annual event for schools in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets for students aged nine years to sixteen. Conceived in 2004 by Tower Hamlets Gifted and Talented strand of the Excellence in Cities programme, it has been run by Tower Hamlets Schools Library Service since 2011 with the aims of promoting wider reading and literacy, and to encourage young people to express themselves through the written word.

Research carried out during the 2017 competition showed that pupils participating in the competition and the author workshops benefited by gaining confidence in their writing ability and gaining greater insight into the issues raised by the competition themes.

Changes for webThe winners!

I am pleased to announce that the prize-winners for the 2018 Tower Hamlets Creative Writing Competition have been chosen!

Award-winning author Berverley Naidoo judged the pupil’s work on creative approaches towards the theme, engaging stories and characters, and inventive and original writing styles. The quality of the work was incredible this year, so very well done to all of the winners. There were definitely some surprises!

The names of the winners have been sent to their schools. Any enquiries should be sent to or via our contact form.


The prize-giving evening will be on Monday 18th  June at :
Clifford Chance, 10 Upper Bank St, London E14 5JJ

Refreshments and awards from 4.30pm to 6pm

Invitations are for:

  • Each prize winner, to be accompanied by one adult guest.
  • Up to 2 members of staff from the winner’s school

Space is limited at the venue, and I have been asked by the venue to provide accurate numbers of visitors, so RSVP as soon as possible – in particular to confirm numbers of staff members wishing to attend. If a school does not use it’s full allocation of invitations, then I may be able to reallocate spaces.

Important : The prize-giving is an out-of-school-hours event. Pupils must be accompanied to and from the event by a responsible adult, parent or guardian.

If a prize-winner is unable to attend this event, their prize and certificate will be sent to their school.

The Theme

We need to make some changes around here wat the theme for the 2018 competition. The theme changes each year and suggestions and resources to help pupils approach each theme are sent to registered schools.

Taking Part

Registration for the 2018 competition is now closed.

  1. Register for the competition via SLA online (Tower Hamlets Schools) or by contacting the schools library service (non-borough schools)
  2. Contact us to arrange your free writing workshops (see below)
  3. Inspire your pupils to write stories and/or poems around the competition theme
  4. Send the work to us by the end of the spring term for judging

Free writing workshops

The Arts Council England is supporting the project by funding a series of author-led workshops for participating schools.  Two workshops per school will be allocated on a first come – first serve basis in the spring term.

The intention is to run the workshops in February/ March so as to provide inspiration and advice to pupils prior to the competition deadline.

Workshops will be available to schools registering for the Creative Writing Competition

So that we are able to book the most suitable authors; Please send us

  • date(s) that you’d like to hold your workshop(s) on.
    • Workshops on different dates may be run by different authors
  • the year group(s) that you’d like an author to work with (primary schools should note that the KS2 category of the competition is for years 5 and 6 only).
  • an estimate of numbers. The maximum size for a workshop is one class (30 pupils).

The date of the workshop can be at any time during the spring term. Once you’ve chosen the date we will let you know which authors will be available to visit your school.

Please note that the funding is to run practical workshops and not group talks/ assemblies.

Publishing the winners of the 2017 competition

We’re pleased to announce that the This is My Dream paperback edition is now available! This book collects the winning work by Tower Hamlets and Syrian pupils who entered the 2017 creative writing competition

  • All winners (below) are entitled to a free copy.
  • All schools who participated in the 2017 competition will receive a set of these books.
  • All schools subscribing to the Schools Library Services will receive a free copy

Please contact the Schools Library Services for more information

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