Children’s Information Book Awards 2017

Children’s Information Book Award short-listed books 2017

The Royal Society and the School Library Association are both running information book awards this term. The shortlists for each award feature superb non-fiction books that are ideal for your primary school library.

Sets of books from both awards (13 titles in all) can be ordered from the Schools Library Service, supplied with protective plastic jackets, at 15% discount.

Total 13 books @ £135 including protective plastic jackets

(subject to availability. If titles either become unavailable, or if hardback titles become available in paperback, we will adjust the price accordingly)

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School Library Association Information Book Award

The Information Book Award is an annual event from the School Library Association, in its seventh year, and is a major development for information books, being designed to support school libraries and to reinforce the importance of non-fiction whilst highlighting the high standard of resources available.

Under 7s Category

Infobookaward17 under 7s

A First Book of Animals by Nicola Davies, illustrated by Petr Horacek.  (hardback)

Nicola Davies, the award-winning author of A First Book of Nature, presents a spellbinding treasury of poems about the animal world, illustrated in breathtaking detail by Petr Horáček. Polar bears playing on the ice, tigers hunting in the jungle, fireflies twinkling in the evening sky and nightingales singing in the heart of the woods – there are animals everywhere. From blue whales to bumblebee bats and everything in between, A First Book of Animals takes you all over the planet to visit all kinds of different creatures. This book is a glorious celebration of life in the wild in all its variety and splendour, and belongs on every child’s bookshelf. Also on the Royal Society Young People’s Book Prize shortlist

Our Very Own Dog

by Amanda McCardie, illustrated by Salvatore Rubbino (paperback)

From the fluid and colourful pictures of dogs on the flyleaves, the stylish quality of illustrations is instantly recognisable. The story of a rescue dog becoming a family pet is interwoven with factual information, including training techniques.  This is the perfect book for any family considering the implications of getting a pet dog, a perfect balance of fiction and information.

My Encyclopedia of Very Important Things by various authors (hardback)

A lovely bright layout, combining excellent photos and quirky illustrations offers an appealing setting for the text. There are plenty of facts on each page, laid out clearly and using simple, accessible language. There is something to interest everyone here, from dinosaurs to clouds, music to habitats. This is a lovely browser that offers something new every time it is picked up.

The Big Book of Bugs by Yuval Zommer (hardback)

This engaging large format picture book is ideal for just dipping into or reading from cover to cover. More than an information book, it challenges the reader to spot the hidden fly fifteen times, while searching for other bugs along the way. Full of scientific facts about insects from all around the world, with every page a visual delight.

7 -12s Category

Infobookaward17 7 to 12s

 The Great Fire of London

by Emma Adams, illustrated by James Weston Lewis (hardback)

Changing the face of the city forever, the story of the Great Fire of London is one which has resonated throughout the past 350 years. In deceptively sparing detail, Emma Adams describes how it started, the efforts to quench the flames, how it was eventually defeated and the impact on the people of London. The bold, print style illustrations, in a limited palette of blazing orange and smoky blues and greys, give a haunting vision of a city ablaze.

 Hello World

by Jonathan Litton, illustrated by L’Atelier Cartographik (hardback)

Make friendships across the world by learning basic greetings in around 150 languages from Moroccan Arabic to Ukranian and many others too.  Lifting the language flap reveals transliterations and interesting details; captions highlight information about aspects of life and history and simple maps show basic geographical information.  ‘Hello World’ will fascinate children interested in countries and in how people communicate.

 RSPB Wildlife in Your Garden

by Mike Dilger, illustrated by Sarah Horne (paperback)

Gardens are home to an amazing abundance of wildlife, from birds to butterflies and small mammals. This fascinating and accessible guide, illustrated with photographs, shows the plants and creatures which might be encountered, with tips for young naturalists on how to encourage visitors and where and when to spot them.

Ada’s Ideas: The Story of Ada Lovelace, the World’s First Computer Programmer by Fiona Robinson (hardback)

This is an inspirational story of female achievement which also highlights the importance of the imagination when it comes to scientific invention. Published two years after the 200th anniversary of the mathematician’s birth, this beautifully designed picture-book biography introduces the reader to Ada’s world and her pioneering work with Charles Babbage.  A truly empowering story.

The Royal Society Young People’s Book Prize

The Royal Society Young People’s Book Prize aims to inspire young people to read about science and promotes the writing of excellent, accessible books for under-14s.

Infobookaward17 royal society

The Awesome Body Book  by Adam Frost (paperback)

How long are your intestines? How many mites live in your eyelashes? Do all adults wear clean underwear? Find out disgusting, hilarious, weird and wacky facts about your body with this awesome book! Are you ready for another EPIC book from the winner of the Blue Peter Book Award 2016 (Best Book with Facts)?

The Little Pebble

by Anna Claybourne, illustrated by Sally Garland (paperback)

For readers aged six and up, This Little Pebble uses beautiful artwork to show the rich diversity of rocks all around us, with friendly, narrative text making the book feel like a journey. It explores topics as fascinating and as wide-ranging as Earth’s formation, the rock cycle, volcanoes and earthquakes, where precious stones come from and what fossils are.

 Home Lab  by Robert Winston (hardback)

Stir up some sticky slime, build a Solar System with rubber bands, power a speed boat using soap, and construct an erupting volcano, all with Home Lab, exciting experiments for budding scientists. Including a foreword by Professor Robert Winston, Home Lab is packed with 28 brilliant projects, using clear step-by-step instructions, everyday ingredients that can be found around the house and amazing photography to guide you from start to finish. Plus fact-filled panels explain the science behind every experiment, as well as real-world examples providing a context to better understand scientific principles. Perfect for budding scientists and crafters, Home Lab will keep children entertained for hours.

 IF… A Mind-Bending Way of Looking at Big Ideas and Numbers by David J Smith, illustrated by Steve Adams (paperback)

Some things are so big or so old that it’s hard to wrap your mind around them. If looks at these hard-to-imagine objects and events and compares them to things we can instantly see, feel and touch. It is wonderful new way of seeing the world and is a fascinating way of understanding numbers and big ideas for children aged 8 and upwards.

 100 things to know about Space  by Alex Frith, Alice James and Jerome Martin, illustrated by Shaw Nielsen and Federico Mariani (hardback)

A fun and informative book packed with 100 fascinating things to know about space, from how to escape a black hole to why astronauts learn wilderness survival skills. With bright, infographic-style illustrations, detailed facts on every page, a glossary and index, and internet links to specially selected websites for more information.

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