Remember Blair Peach : Student Art and Poetry Competition


23rd April will mark the 40 years since the death of Blair Peach.

Blair was a teacher at Phoenix School in Tower Hamlets and an active member of the East London Teachers’ Association (now the Tower Hamlets and the City district of the NEU). Blair was a campaigner and activist against far right and neo-Nazi organisations.

He attended a demonstration held by the Anti-Nazi League outside the town hall in Southall, West London on Monday 23 April 1979, St George’s Day, joining 3,000 protesters against a National Front meeting, taking place in the town hall. Present at the demonstration were over 2,500 police, and it became violent; more than 40 people, including 21 police, were injured and 300 were arrested. Peach was knocked unconscious and died the next day in Hospital.

Blair Peach believed in the inclusion of everyone no matter what race, religion or educational ability.

The NEU Tower Hamlets and the City District are running a competition for students to create a poster or poem to celebrate the life of Blair Peach and the values he stood for.
The poster or poem should include the statement Unity is Strength and celebrate the
beliefs of Blair Peach.

Closing date : Friday 24th May

Posters should be no bigger than A3 and poems should be one side of A4.
There are 3 entry categories – there will be vouchers as prizes and all winning entries will be part of an exhibition to mark Blair’s life at Bow Arts and receive a prize.

Poster of Blair Peach’s funeral – from a painting by Tower Hamlets resident, Dan Jones.
  1. Primary students – Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2
  2. Secondary students
  3. SEND students

Entries should be sent to:
Alex Kenny
c/o Stepney Green School
Ben Jonson Road,
London E1 4SD

On the back of the entry please write clearly:

  1. Your full name
  2. School name
  3. The category you are entering
  4. Your teacher’s name
  5. Parent or carer contact details

Download competition information as a .pdf

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